CYO Basketball

CYO Basketball

CYO basketball will help youth learn about teamwork and Christian values while playing basketball. The basketball season runs from October through March.

2017-18 Registration Form:
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CYO Basketball Frequently Asked Questions

When will practices start?
The week of October 16th. You will be contacted by your son/daughter’s coach prior to the first practice.

When do the games start?
The CYO season opens the first weekend in December and runs until February break. There are opportunities for some teams to also enter tournaments throughout the season.

What nights will they practice and when are games?
Each team has one practice during the week. The night of the practice is up to the head coach. If the night chosen for your son/daughter's team does not work for your family, your money will be refunded.

The games are scheduled on the weekends at gyms throughout the Diocese of Rochester. There will be one game most weekends, but some weekends there will be two games.

Can my son/daughter play for the school team and a CYO team?
If your son/daughter is on a modified B team at their school, they are still eligible for CYO basketball. They cannot play for 2 different CYO teams. If they play on a CYO team for their school (ex: Siena), they cannot also play for a parish team.

If your son/daughter is on modified A, Freshman, JV or Varsity basketball team at school, they are NOT eligible for CYO basketball. (Please let us know at registration if they are planning to go out for their school team. We will hold the registration check until they have their tryouts. If they make the school team we will return the check to you.)

Will you hold a spot for my son/daughter?
No. We have had an increase in registrations in the last few years and cannot “hold” spots. Registration is not complete until we have the registration form, check, and code of conduct form. High school age students will be able to hold a spot if they plan to try-out for their school team.

Is there a registration priority?
Yes. Parishioners of Holy Trinity parish and returning players are given priority. New players are assigned to teams in the order they register. There is a maximum of 12 players per team, and we will run waiting lists as needed.

Is volunteering and CASE training required?
Yes. Volunteering as always been strongly encouraged in our program. Starting with the 2014-15 season, it is a requirement. In addition, the Diocese of Rochester is requiring that all coaches, and volunteers at the score table are CASE trained to include a background check. CASE training can be completed online or at Holy Trinity (dates TBD)

Are the teams co-ed?
3rd-4th grade teams may be co-ed if registration is low for either boys or girls. All other age groups have separate boys and girls teams. If there are too few girls for one of the age groups, the girls will be given the option of "playing up" with an older girls' team or playing on a boys team in their age group.

Can my child request to play with their friend?

We try to accommodate requests if we can, but we need to even teams out as much as possible. We can only guarantee that siblings in the same age bracket will be placed together and the coaches' children will be on the team their parent is coaching.

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