19 to 2110

We’ve often mentioned the different states in life that contain their own special vocation: the single life, married life and consecrated religious life (priesthood/sisterhood/brotherhood). Each “state” in life presents different ways of living out the one vocation we all have – – – to bring the love of Christ to the world.

Here at Holy Trinity we’ve kept careful record of the different vocations God has called forth from the people. So let’s see . . . in the last 80 years, 19 men and women from our parish have been given the vocation to the religious life as a priest (6) or sister (13). (5 men have also been called to the diaconate.)

Guess how many men and women have been called by God to the married life? Over 2,100. Why so many more married persons than religious life? God wants more families. God wants more children in His Kingdom! And that means He wants more husbands and wives.

Marriage has to happen before there’s anybody to even think about become a priest or a sister!

Marriage is the state in life that suits most people. It is the life that touches the deepest longing of the human heart — where we learn to love and be loved. Here we receive the wonderful gift of family which gives us that necessary human experience of ” belonging”. (I’m so glad my mother and father followed God’s plan for their life. My life was given to me because of it.)

It is a personal consolation to me to know that my life as a priest was the result of an invitation from God. I hope and pray that our young people here at Holy Trinity will begin to see in their fiancé not just a beautiful, nice, fun person, but see in them God’s gift. And to take strength and courage that it is God’s idea that they love each other and live their lives together.

This is the strength that comes to us in our “vocation”. It’s not just our personal choice of how to live life — it is God’s invitation to share life with someone hand picked by the Holy Spirit for you. This trust in God’s intention for a married couple can strengthen them when life proves difficult.

Do you begin to see the strength that our faith brings to a marriage? Girls, look for a young man who goes to mass. Boys, the mother of your children could well be in line for communion ahead of you.

Lastly . . . young people . . . pray for your future spouse . . . that God will keep them safe up to the day you meet them for the first time!

I imagine God asking husbands and wives at the gates of heaven. “Did you love her?” “Did you love him?” “Like I showed you in my Son?”

God loves you more than you know.

Fr. Tim