By The Numbers

I thought it might be informative to look back over the past 12 months (almost) here at Holy Trinity and see what the numbers tell us. The following statistics are from Jan. 1, 2014 to Nov. 17, 2014.

We have baptized 45 people this past year – forty-two infants and three adults. There have been 30 funerals this past year with 10 burials in our cemetery. It’s a happy state of affairs to have more people being born than dying. It means there’s a future.

Fifty-one children received their First Communion at Holy Trinity, and 35 were confirmed this past March at the cathedral. We are preparing 67 children to make their First Penance (Confession) this year, as well.

These statistics show us that a major part of our community is young and in the early stages of what we call “Faith Formation”. Our future as a parish and as a strong Catholic presence in our community and diocese depends on a quality formation in the Catholic Faith.

Mary Haas and Anthony Klosterman, assisted by Pat Bell, are working daily to strengthen our catechetical programs at Holy Trinity. This year we have begun religious instruction at the high school level through the senior year.

(Parents!! You have to help us, help you, to do your job of teaching your children our Catholic Faith. Watch for “parent sessions” that will give you the tools and confidence to share your own faith.)

I was a little disappointed this past year with the number of weddings at HT. There were 7 (down from 12 the year before). What’s happening here? Statistics tell us young people are postponing marriage to devote themselves to a career. Living together, rather than marriage, is a common arrangement today. But, experts tell us, success for marriages that began with co-habitation is lower than those who remained separate. Yes, couples living apart before marriage fair better.

Lastly, there have been 121 new households register at HT this past year which slightly offsets the 41 households that left the parish. Weekend mass attendance has in-creased to 1,300 or 1,400, depending on the weekend.

This is happy news. People are coming to hear the gospel, receive the sacraments and be strengthened in their faith (hopefully!). But, it’s created some happy problems as well. The Gathering Space is becoming home to 150 to 200 worshipers during Mass at the 8:30 and especially at the 10:30.

Those of you who have attended mass in this space know how hard it is to see and sometimes hear the priest and liturgical ministers. We need to help the worship experience in these spaces. (We’re considering mounting video screens with remote cameras showing the pulpit and altar to bring people into closer contact with the mass and the rest of the congregation).

This is not a luxury. Talk to the mother chasing her little one as she tries to pray the prayers of mass. This will help.

Lastly we spent $370,619.48 this past year fixing some long standing facility problems. The bell towers were re-roofed, the stained glass windows were reframed, new plexiglass covers to protect the church windows were in-stalled, the north parking lot was paved, lined and lighted. All these are PAID IN FULL, thanks to you and your support of This Is My Parish!

And next year? The rest of the church roof!! We’ll talk about that later.

God has so blessed us . . . with you.

Fr. Tim

P.S. Speaking of numbers:

Goal: $125,000.00
Pledged so far: $ 94,259.00 – (75% of goal)
# of Donors: 390

Thank You!!!

Star Program 2014

November 22/23
Shampoo, Soap, Toothpaste, Deodorant
November 29/30
Crackers, Peanut butter/Jelly, Beans, Canned Soup
December 6/7
Canned Meats, Baby Food, Diapers, Wipes
December 13/14
Laundry Soap, Dish Soap, Kleenex, Toilet Paper