Date Night . . . Remember?

Most married couples will remember a time early on in their courtship and marriage when it was actually painful to be apart from each other for more than half a day. No other relationship, work project, hobby or sports team could match the desire you had to be with that person.

Remember that?! Some would say those were the “Good Old Days”. But now that you two have married, children, mortgages, health insurance, and credit card debt can take most of your attention and efforts.

Your spouse “will understand”, you say. “After all, we’re a team. We want the same things.”

Okay. But every once in a while “The Team” needs to take a break. You two need to take time to remember what you saw in your spouse. To remember what told you that she (he) was “The One”.

So guess what? . . . Holy Trinity is throwing a date night. We’re calling it the “Art of Marriage”. Here’s what’s going to happen.

Saturday evening, February 4th, (after the 4pm. Mass) all married couples are invited to a cocktail hour and catered dinner in Murphy Hall. (We’ll make it nice — it won’t look like a gym!).

At the table (sit with friends if you’re coming as a group) you’ll find some questions about your “Good Old Days”. How you met? What was your first date? What did your proposal look like?

Everybody has a story! There’ll be a chance to hear others and (if you wish) share yours. The conversation is a blast. Really. It just sort of starts rolling, and story after story gets told amidst much laughter.

A wise seasoned married couple will close the evening with a few words of wisdom and encouragement for us all. Finally, we’ll ask for your advice about future events for the Art of Marriage.

Married couples, young and old (but especially YOUNG), please come for dinner that night. It’s going to be fun. You may meet up with the one you fell in love with back then!!

We need you to register for the event. Check inside this bulletin for directions. Oh, I almost forgot. The whole night: food, drinks, fun . . . $20 a couple!!

Breathing Space . . . For High Schoolers. Tonight!!

You heard last week about Breathing Space for high school students.

It’s a once a month get together of teens to hear presentations and have conversation about some of the pressing issues young people face at this time of life.

Tonight’s topic ——————- God, where are you? (finding God in my life)

Fr. Paul English will share how he found God as a young man and give you some pointers on how you can find the Lord too.

We’ll say some prayers for you and then . . . . PIZZA!!

Come join us tonight. Bring a friend.

Fr. Tim