Hello Summer!!!

The detail almost slipped by me, but last Sunday was the first day of Summer. Aren’t you glad that smarter people than you and me took the time to figure out just when it happens?

So, what are your plans for this summer? Travel? Family get-togethers? Gardening? Maybe just some time to relax. I want to do all those (except the gardening — too many years weeding my dad’s garden).

So, here’s what I hope my summer can be about:

  • I want to get back to Ohio a couple times this summer. My sisters, Patty and Maureen, totally spoil me, and their husbands don’t mind. “Tim, come again, I only get to eat like this when you come by.”
  • I’ve played golf since I was 9 yrs. old. I really like it. Over the years some college buddies have taken me to the cleaners. I mean, they see me coming! It’s time for payback! (By the way, are you planning to play in the parish golf tournament July 27? Sign up!)
  • Sometime this summer I will be driving with good friends to Quebec City. I am not a good traveler, but it is fun to tag along with those who love seeing new sights. Bon Voyage!!!!
  • Now that we’ve made our goal for “This is My Parish!” I want to bring the two projects we told you about (Phase 1 of the church roof, and the new parking surfaces), to completion. I hope by mid-September we can have those done.
  • There are a few fellows I know who are thinking about the priesthood. I hope to have a cookout and conversation with them sometime this summer.
  • There are three new books on my table I’m looking forward to reading.
  • Eventually, this summer (not right now), I’ll have to start talking with our Parish Council about the next pastoral year. “What is God asking us to do this year?”

Anyway, I hope these precious summer days are filled with peace and a growing awareness of God’s love for you.

As always, for you.
Fr. Tim

“This is My Parish!”
Completes it’s goal!!
The Ask . . . $424,000
Your Response . . . $453,000!!
Holy Trinity you are amazing. God bless you.