Here We Go Again.

Fr. John and I have been watching football on Sundays and catching the evening news on TV. Like you, we’ve been assailed with commercials for Christmas shopping.

Let’s see . . . should I surprise Fr. John with a new Mercedes in the garage? Should I make my great nieces go berserk with the latest toys? What should I do to make this the Best Christmas Ever?

Please. I’m not being grumpy here. I just want us to be aware of the constant pull on us to “hurry”, “buy”, “celebrate”, “surprise”, and “cherish the season”. Rather, . . .take your time. Remember as kids? We wanted dessert first, then the meal. We had to learn the proper order of things.

The Church (who started these “holy days” in the first place) shows us how to properly travel these next four weeks. She urges us to practice a few things that our society has no regard for.

Things like:

  • Finding time to be quiet. Turn off the TV. It can lead to prayer and reflection.
  • Doing small things with love (avoid big and flashy stuff).
  • Ignore totally anything that promises to make you, “or someone you love” “feel that special feeling of the season”. Baloney.
  • Performing small actions of caring that no one will know it was you.
  • Being a quiet presence to people you know to be suffering sorrow.
  • Avoid like the plague the TV specials: “Country Christmas”, “Honkey Tonk Holiday”, “Rudolph’s Reindeer Romp”, “Christmas in Ireland/Tuscany/Manhatten/Botswana”. Why? Because it’s not Christmas yet.
  • And oh yeah, then there’s Jesus. His parents were refugees, not yet married when they discovered he was conceived. Now in a foreign land, they snuck into a barn to have the birth.
  • So…….go slow.There is a grace from God to help you journey toward Christmas. It’s called Advent.

As usual the basics are always good to turn to. Prayers in the morning and before bed. Mass, of course,on the Sundays of Advent. Has it been a while since you’ve been to confession? And perhaps focusing on someone who could use some special help at this time.

That, along with any other inspiration God gives you, will be a fine preparation for Christmas.

Be in peace.

Fr. Tim


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