Have you seen Holy Trinity’s new website? We’re making a big deal about it this weekend.

As you know the traditional way of sharing information and upcoming events has been to publish a parish bulletin. (It’s what you’re reading right now!) In it you find the mass schedule, the weekly calendar of events, upcoming meetings, classes, volunteer opportunities, and the Pastor’s Ramblings.

Well it’s a new age. So the same information and more is available on our website. What is the MORE about Holy Trinity on the web?
+ You can hear the readings for the Sunday mass and the homily as they were given that very Sunday.

+ You will find pictures of the parish staff, parish council, and recent events with parishioners. (Parishioner Jackson Thomas is a regular contributor of photos of life here at Holy Trinity.)

+ The website is interactive. If you have an event that you feel Holy Trinity should know about you can send the information along to events@holytrinityweb.com. Our web master Phil Marr will take your information and get it on our website.

+ Easy sign up for parish events like suppers and other gatherings that require advance notice can be accomplished on the web. (In fact stay tuned to this sign-up option as we will be asking you to participate in family portrait sessions for our new parish directory.) Visit ‘www.holytrinityweb.com/news’ to sign up.

+ The email addresses you have given to the parish will make special announcements and requests for prayers easily accessable to you just by going to the web. By the way, if you would care to share your email address with us we can send you timely announcements and reminders of events during the week.

So try it out Holytrinityweb.com. Let me know what you think. Any ideas you’d like to suggest? Blessings for the Third Week of Lent.

Fr. Tim

Third Week of Lent

Sunday’s readings focus on water, so essential to life. The Israelites whine for it, and God provides, even as they display their lack of trust in Him. The Samaritan woman at first misunderstands Jesus’ claim to be “living water” and asks for what she thinks will make her life easier. But, with Jesus’ patient instruction, she comes to realize much more of what He is offer-ing.

Suggestions: This week, serve water instead of other drinks at meals, and let this lead to a discussion of the importance of water in our natural lives, and the parallel ways the Living Water flows in our spir-itual lives.

Reflect: The wonder of this gift, as St. Paul points out, is that it’s given to people who don’t deserve it. How do we show our gratitude, and how do we, like the Samaritan woman, bring this good news to our friends and neighbors? Join Mary Haas after the 9:00 am. Mass on Wednesday for a discussion on the meaning of Christian Community, based on The Simple Wisdom of Pope Francis – The Joy of Evangelization. The selected teaching from one of his general audiences begins, “How beautiful it is to love one another as true brothers and sisters. How beautiful! Let’s do something today.”