Lent. Let’s Roll!!

Back in high school, if you were trying out for one of the varsity sports there was this thing called “two-a-days”. Generally it consisted of four hours of grueling practice, two hours in the morning and two in the afternoon. It was meant to see who really wanted to play. Fainter hearts would soon find other interests. We hated “two-a-days.”

That’s kind of how we look at Lent, isn’t it – – – six weeks of getting in spiritual shape. The same feelings get stirred. “No chocolate! No whiskey! No TV! No whining! No fun for six weeks. Oh dear, how will I ever make it?” Spencer Tracy, in God is My Co-Pilot, reaches over and smacks me . . . “get a hold of yourself! This is a good thing.”

This is not a very helpful way to begin! It’s important that we start this journey in the right frame of mind. I like to look at it as getting back to some basics in life. Things like balance, temperance, accountability, moderation and focus, can re-order our personal lives so we begin to see what really matters in our life.

Meanwhile, renewed kindness, generosity, devotion and prayer can, by God’s grace, increase charity in our lives. And, as we all know, charity is our participation in the life of Christ. (“I live now, not I, but Christ lives in me.” Galatians 2:20.)

And why is this clean-up necessary? Because we let things go. We let our appetites for all kinds of things get too big, and we know it.
Deep down a little voice tells us, “you’re getting sloppy/careless/greedy/selfish/snobby, etc.” And, most of all, lukewarm to God. We don’t mean for these things to happen, they just do – like dust on your coffee table.

Now the good news is, it eventually becomes a joyful discipline. We rediscover some wonderful things we had forgotten about; things like a clean con-science that let’s us look people in the eye with real friendship, a clearer sense of purpose to our work and why we do it, a renewed appreciation for the people in our lives we have been given to live and work with, and a better understanding of how to use the things of this world properly, without excess or hoarding.

So what is this joyful thing that happens? Freedom! Freedom to be who God intended you to be. . . Christ in your skin, with your voice.
So, let’s start slow. Say goodbye to one small thing that you know needs to go (at least for a while). Make a conscious offering of it to God. (Eg. “Lord, help me to stop looking so long in the mirror – so I can look for You in others.” Or, “Lord I’m really good at finding fault. Help me to see the good and be thankful.” Or, “Lord I always want to get my own way; help me today to help others get theirs.”)

Lent. Let’s roll!!

Fr. Tim

To assist us with planning for the One by One Events, (food, etc.) we ask that you to register in one of the following ways:

Not sure if you can come to all three events at this time– no problem! You can register for one event at a time and come back to register for the other events, or you can register for all events at once.

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ONE by ONE lineup:

Saturday, March 7, 5:15 pm. “Let’s Talk”

  • Food and welcome.
  • “I Need God in My Life. My Catholic Faith Helped Me Find Him” Talk. Witness talk by a parishioner about how they found their place in the Catholic Church.
  • Conversation at tables about peoples’ own stories. (Personal sharing only as people feel comfortable – – – no forced, uncomfortable admissions).
  • Anonymous Question Box. Fr.’s John and Tim will do their best to answer all questions and address burning issues.
  • Invitation to next event.

Saturday, March 21, 6:15 pm. “Let’s Pray”

  • Pot Luck Supper (bring a dish to pass) and welcome.
  • Move to church for an informal conversation and walk through of the Catholic Mass.
  • Brief description of upcoming Palm Sunday and Holy Week.
  • Invitation to join us for Holy Week and Easter Sunday.