Lord, show me.

Ever feel like your life is a mystery? Like coming to a clearing in the forest, we pause to ask ourselves some basic questions. Questions like: What am I doing? Why am I doing it? Is this the way I should be spending my life? Does it matter what I end up doing with my life? What’s my purpose? Why am I here?

These are the hard questions facing each of us as we begin our adult lives. They can be a little scary as they make us look over the vast horizons of time and mortality. It takes courage.

In fact, many choose not to ask these questions in their youth, preferring instead the quick satisfactions of entertainment/sports/clubbing/beer! What happens later can be a felt disappointment in life, the vague feeling that some- how I missed my flight!

So how does one find “IT”? Your purpose? Many times it finds you. Your likes and dislikes, your talents and abilities can help you make the decisions that will shape your life. I’ve always felt you had found your purpose when what you love to do, is what the world needs real bad.

It may not be any one “job” that has your name on it. In fact, your job is most likely not your “purpose”. Jobs often provide the earthly necessities we need to carry out our purpose. Someone sells cars, not because God made them car salesmen, but it is a way to live their call from God – – – – to be a husband, father, friend in need.

Our “purpose” comes down to one thing: you were made to love. Not to make money, not to be most popular, not to have the coolest stuff, not to have more fun than anyone else. You were created by God to give your life up for God and neighbor.

That’s where we get confused . . . we think “to love” has some sort of soft music playing in the background as we visit pretty people who enjoy our company!

No!!! Love is HARD!! It’s giving your life up FOR someone or something. (many times without thanks or appreciation). But here’s the wonderful surprise that happens. When I live my life in this way, (FOR others) I kick into action “My Purpose”, my reason for “being me” on this earth at this time.

Guess what happens then? Happiness. Jesus said it in Mt. 10, “Whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.” You’ve got to lose it to find it! To lose your life in love and service is the key to happiness and a purposeful life.

There is much more to say here about finding “it”, but let
me finish for now with a few pointers:

— God has given each of us natural likes and dislikes/ interests and disinterests. Start with your likes, your pas- sion; what path might you follow to allow you to follow your love? It may be as simple as wanting to make people happy. What a great vocation.

— What do friends say you do well? Is there a message there for you?

— Is your love and giving focused more on some one person (future spouse?) or are you more energized with some “work” or social concern to which you dedicate yourself? (the dedicated single life).

— God has a plan for you. How do we know? Because He made YOU, not someone else. You are God’s unique idea. So ask God to show you. “Lord, show me what you want me to do with my life.” Or, “Help me to want what your will is for me.”

–Jesus has promised: you WILL find it —- if you ask, seek and knock (Mt. 7:7).

Blessings to you everyday.

Fr. Tim