Maybe This Time.

We all know the story.

Humankind messed up. Over time the Jewish faith foretold a Savior. Finally God visited young Mary through the angel Gabriel. She said “yes” to God and the baby was on the way. Today the child is born in a stable and he’ll go on to save the world by his death and miraculous Resurrection.

Amazing stuff. In fact it’s hard to take it all in one sit- ting. There are so many questions the modern mind wants to ask – – – pushing God to ex- plain himself to our “reasonable” minds. (How did Mary conceive? Is this child God? What does Gabriel look like? Was there really a star for the Three Wise Men to follow? How did they know?)

For many people, these questions must be satisfactorily answered before they would believe the Christmas story. For others the questions are not so much “how” did this happen but deeper ones. (Can this be true? Did God become one of us? Can God possibly love us that much that He would take our brokenness to himself and begin a new hope for humanity?)

In the end it is a matter of love. Do you believe in love? Do you believe that there is a spiritual reality that is the source of all being? Do you believe that all those you love (hold them tight!) are a gift from God who is love? Do you see in your neighbor a brother or sister who has the same need you have . . . to love and be loved?

If you find a wee tiny voice in your heart that says “Yes, I believe that love will not die”; you’re on your way. You’ve found the golden thread that leads to the heart of God.

This strand of love was sewn into the fabric of humanity in the person of Jesus Christ. He has come to show us what we humans are meant to be. “Let us make man in our image and likeness.” Genesis 1:26

Remember your “yes” is an act of Faith. God gives this gift to make it possible to see what cannot be seen with our eyes. And what do the Eyes of Faith see? “A babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger”.

Stay with us on this journey. There’s lot’s more.

A Blessed Christmas to you and those you love . . . and to those you don’t love! Maybe this time we can “love one another as he has loved us” Jn. 15:12

Fr. Tim

Speaking of love . . . . The Star Program

Last Saturday Holy Trinity went all out to show our care for those in need. The Star Program, thanks to your generous help, provided food for a plentiful Christmas meal and personal gifts to over 400 families in the City of Rochester and here in Webster.

It was a sight to behold. Children and adults, side by side, lending a helping hand to our brothers and sisters at Christmas time. Special thanks to Kasey Baker and Mar- gery Morgan and the hundreds of gift givers and volunteers who made this gift of love possible. You were wonderful.

God bless you.