Message in a Bottle.

MessageRemember that moment in the movie when our hero writes a message, puts it in a bottle, and with a mighty heave launches it into the ocean waves? Will it ever be found? Will the message ever be read? Who knows . . . let’s give it a toss!

So . . . . to all our young persons away at school (or any young person for that matter) . . . . consider this a “message in a bottle”. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This is the priest and family of Holy Trinity writing to tell you we love and pray for you. We want you to know that you always have a spiritual home here and we can’t wait to see you at Easter time.

We try to imagine what you are going through in this important time in your life. What you’re seeing, and hearing and thinking. Many voices are vying for your attention, many people are proposing their version of “how life really is”.

And this is how it should be. You must explore the world of ideas; testing their truth and staying power. This is the time in your life to test things out, to see what feels right for you. This is a time to ready yourself for what your mission to this world will be. Now is the time to forge life-long friendships to carry you into adult life. In fact all these new things might make the grade school/high school years seem corny and old fashioned.

Maybe you’re looking back on your time at Holy Trinity as a place you went as a child, but now that you’re all grown up you’ve learned other ways to view your life on earth. Many voices you hear will tell you the key to life is “success” or some version of “happiness/fulfillment”

I’d like to talk you out of that one if I can.

Happiness and fulfillment, as nice as they are, only develop as a result of something else . . . . a deeper grasp of life.

Let’s start with what’s at the bottom of every human desire and longing. Every human being has a spiritual drive to achieve a state of loving and being loved. It’s who we are; it’s how God made us. Without love we become “clever animals”. (Picture a wolf that can cheat at cards!)

As wonderful as they are, the love we speak of is not “romance” or emotional thrill. No, we’re talking about “giving goodness” to others.

And this giving doesn’t come naturally. We have to learn it by first receiving it. That’s where your mother and father come in. They are the first givers of love to you. In your bones you know you are loved! From their giving we learn how to give love ourselves.

But this is only the beginning. You see this human drive to love and be loved gets kicked around, betrayed, withheld, because of human weakness (in ourselves and oth- ers). Nevertheless, our yearning for a love that does not disappoint will not go away.

Can love really exist amid all the trials and disappointments of life? Can I really believe in love as the meaning of my life?

The answer of course is “yes”! It comes to us from God who is love. He revealed this love to us in His Son Jesus Christ. Christ is the key to human life on earth. He shows us who we are and invites us to live in union with him as we live our days here on earth. (The Sacraments are huge here in keeping us united to Jesus.)

Soooooooo . . . . dear friend, please know we at Holy Trinity are praying for you and can’t wait to share the love of Christ with you when you return.

Bless you every day.

Fr. Tim and the people of Holy Trinity

Flu season and Holy Communion.

tissueDuring this flu season the Diocese of Rochester wants to caution us about the reception of The Cup at Holy Communion. It gives the option of offering only the consecrated Host at Communion (assuring us of course that receiving under one form still gives us the full sacramental union with Christ).

Here at Holy Trinity we will continue to offer communion under both forms with the caution that: only those without colds or flu concerns should receive from the cup.

Likewise those concerned with cold symptoms (theirs or others) should feel free to simply smile or nod to your neighbor at the Greeting of Peace. One should not be seen as “standoffish” or unfriendly should they refrain from taking someone’s hand. This holds for the Flu Season but should guide us throughout the year when we feel we might be carrying some germ.

Common sense is our guideline.