“One By One”

So, now you’ve had a couple weeks to wonder what this “mission” at Holy Trinity is all about. Something to do with Catholics who have gotten away from practicing the Catholic Faith, right? That is correct.

By now you may be wondering, “What do you want me to do? I’m not a preacher. I can’t say those religious things like you priests. And, I don’t like sticking my nose into people’s personal lives.” OK, I get that.

We certainly don’t want you to preach to people, nor are we out to make people feel bad or guilty about not going to church. What we want to do is gently share some good news.

I love the image someone told me about a few years ago. “Sharing the faith”, they said, “is like one beggar (you!), telling another beggar (your friend), where they’re giving out fresh bread.” Let’s face it, we’re all hungering for basically the same thing . . . meaning and purpose for our lives, friendship and love. These are the things that make our lives precious, yet so many are living far away from these things and don’t seem to be able to find them.

We’re the people (Catholics) who have found the fresh bread. We’re not perfect by a long shot. But, at least we know who is the answer to life’s deepest hunger. It comes to us in the love of God poured out for us in the person of Jesus Christ.

And, where do we find this Jesus? Many places of course, but, in a special way we find Him in the Sunday Eucharist. There we hear His word and there, we eat the bread which has miraculously become His person. And, there we meet one another as brothers and sisters in Christ ready to help each other on life’s journey to the Kingdom.

“Yes, I get all that, you may say. “But, it’s the preachy stuff I can’t do. Tell me what you want, and I’ll tell you if I can do it.” Fair enough!

One By One is asking you to think about one inactive Catholic person (not two or three) who seems to be wanting or needing “more” for their life. Pray about who you should speak to. Then, with help from Holy Trinity, invite them to come with you to a lighthearted evening event here at the parish. (We will be describing the three evenings in a separate flyer, so you can explain them to your friend). Remember, we want YOU to come with them!

Some questions:

“Do we have to come to all three?” No.

“Can we come to one and not the others?” Yes.

“Do I have to teach them about the Catholic Church?” No.

“Will my friend get pressured to get back to church?” No.

“Will it be fun?” Of course. Fr. John will be there!

“Will there be a chance to say how we might have been
hurt by the church or whatever keeps us away?” Yes, we’re ready to listen.

Basically, we want our absent friends to feel comfortable being back with us at a Catholic church. Back with no judgment. Back to a place that’s always been theirs.

But, . . . . none of this can happen without YOU and your invitation to someone no one knows but YOU! You little missionary you!!

God, please, bless us as we begin One By One.

Fr. Tim