Our Mission

It’s been over five years since our Mission Statement first appeared on the parish bulletin. I thought it might be time for us to look at it again; perhaps ask some questions of ourselves to see if it’s true and if we’re headed in the right direction.

First off I believe it remains a fresh and simple statement about what Holy Trinity Parish is about and the invitation we want people to feel to be a part of that mission.

It’s four sentences long but it covers the basics pretty well.

  1. We have experienced God’s love in this parish.

    Really? When did you feel that? At mass? Some social event? Christmas Star gifting? Praying in church? The people you’ve met?

  2. We share our experience of God with those who are searching for Him.

    Can you think of one time this past year when you dared to speak about your belief in God to someone? Has there been a time when you went out of your way to help someone . . . just because you wanted to “give back” for all God has given you?

  3. We follow Christ . . . who taught us to find God by serving others . . . and celebrating the Eucharist together.

    Soooo . . . do we see signs of Christ each day in our neighbor? Do we pray to know God’s will and the courage to do it? Have we said “no” to “lesser God’s” (money, possessions, food, entertainment)? Am I faithful in get- ting to mass.

  4. Join us on this journey!

    Have you ever invited someone to meet you at Holy Trinity for mass? Have you extended an invitation to the parish picnic to someone who has no church or perhaps has walked away from their faith? Have you been a bridge for people to cross over to a new place with God?

There’s a lot there. Of course we know that we don’t do all these things. Or sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. But that doesn’t change the fact that Holy Trinity Parish WANTS to be like Our Mission says.

It reminds me of an image I heard of some years ago describing the Christian mission in the world. “It’s one hobo telling another hobo where he can find bread for the day . . . and then taking him there.”

Bless your week you little hobo you.

Fr. Tim