Parish Pilgrimage (Oct. 23)

The Year of Mercy has been a wonderful time in the church. For the past 10 months we have been reflecting this godly virtue. Our Lenten retreat with Fr. Paul English explored how each of us and Holy Trinity Parish as a whole can better witness to this most gracious of human interactions.

To mark the coming end of the Year of Mercy, we are planning a parish pilgrimage to Sacred Heart Cathedral and our entrance through the Holy Doors.

For centuries, pilgrimages to designated “Holy Places”, shrines, cathedrals were concluded by a dramatic and sometimes emotional entrance through open doors at the site. This “passing through” symbolized our leaving the “old person” we have been, the one given to selfish and unkind behavior.

We literally enter a holy place. There we kneel in prayer and petition for grace needed to live a better life. There too the Church bestows to pilgrims special graces to leave the past behind and begin a renewed walk with Christ.

A Plenary Indulgence is given to any pilgrim who fulfills the following conditions; a. Attendance at mass and reception of Holy Communion, b. reception of Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession), either before attending mass or shortly after (within two weeks), c. while at the Holy Place prayers for the intention of the Holy Father (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be).

A Plenary Indulgence is a special grace of God’s Mercy, administered by the Church, to give total remission of guilt and punishment for sins committed. Think of your computer. It’s like deleting “all your cookies”. It’s a total do-over! God’s Mercy all around.

So join us for our caravan on Sunday, October 23 at 12:15 pm. We leave from Holy Trinity north parking lot and travel across the Bay Bridge to the Cathedral. —– OR—- – drive yourself and meet us there (directions in church). Festivities end around 1:30 pm. at the cathedral. Join us!!

Anointing Mass. Friday, October, 14 at 7 pm.

One of the most debilitating things about sickness is not the pain, or the fatigue, or the fear (each of these are, of course, part of the cross sickness brings). No. One of the biggest sufferings is how illness separates us from those around us, our families, friends and community at large.

It may mean being confined to home or quarantined from those closest to us. It may mean being unable to participate in everyday activities that bring us together with others. Perhaps most upsetting is the feeling of being “set apart”, different from others. (The thought, “I’m sick.” Everybody else is “ok”.)

Holy Trinity Church has scheduled a Eucharistic Celebration with the Anointing of the Sick. This is the chance to bring some of your health concerns to the Lord in the context of mass and this faith community.

You are not alone! The Lord and Holy Trinity hold you dear to our hearts in prayer.

There will be special seating for those who wish to be anointed that evening. Likewise transportation will be provided for those who contact the Parish Office beforehand.

WHO SHOULD BE ANOINTED? The guidelines for the sacrament say “any persistent and serious concern for one’s health . . . “is reason for someone to request the anointing.” Health concerns such as depression, anxiety addiction, spiritual doubt and chronic pain are all sufficient to receive the anointing. There will be no questions asked. Simply indicate your wish to be anointed.

Come by yourself or better . . . bring a friend. Experience the healing and comforting Hand of God working through the Sacrament of the Sick and the care of this parish.

God bless you.

Fr. Tim