Road trip.

13133220_1083341721724960_5295388530395672323_nMay 22 is the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. It is the patronal name of our parish. Soooooo . . . . . . Let’s take a road trip!! In the church we call it a pilgrimage (Webster defines: “a journey made by a pilgrim to a holy place or shrine.”)

Where shall we go? Well consider this. Pope Francis has declared this an Extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy. All kinds of neat things happen in a Holy Year. It’s sort of like going to your Grandmother’s for Thanksgiving. She opens up the “good stuff”. The silver setting, the best china and glassware, the spotless linen table cloth. She makes it special.

The Church (our mother by baptism) opens up her spiritual treasure box. During the Year of Mercy there are special prayers, religious practices, which bring graces granted to us through her mission of sanctifying God’s people. (“I will give you the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you declare bound on earth will be bound in Heaven.” Mt. 16:19)

One of those religious practices is The Holy Door. Whenever the Church celebrates a Holy Year, she opens a huge bronze door at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Normally kept closed, this open door invites pilgrims from around the world to enter the holy place that is the center of the Catholic Church . . . St. Peter’s.

Well we’re NOT going to Rome, okay. But the same graces of pilgrimage and the Holy Door are here in Rochester. The Church orders that there be a Holy Door in every diocese in the world. That means us munchkins in Webster can make a Holy Year Road Trip…er…I mean Pilgrimage.

Where is this Holy Door? It is the front door of Sacred Heart Cathedral. Here’s the plan. After the 10:30 mass on May 22 (around 11:45), we’ll meet in the north field parking lot and caravan west on Rt. 104 to Lake Avenue and Flower City Park, where sits the Cathedral. (Don’t worry. We’ll have a map for everybody.) Can you drive by yourself and meet us there? Of course.

So we’ll gather in their parking lot and walk through the doors together. Prayers and a brief reflection will follow in the cathedral. There will be a docent there to give us a tour of the new renovations. (It’s quite beautiful. Fr. John was in charge of the total renovation when he was cathedral rector).

Following the tour everyone is free to continue their own road trip (visit the Maplewood Rose Garden? Eastman House? The zoo? Strong Museum of Play? Lunch somewhere?) Bring your children. Remember May 22. More to follow.

God bless you mom.

Fr. Tim

Heritage Night?
Are you coming?

Spring FlingIt’s something new we’re trying this year. Food from around the world. National favorites prepared by our many ethnic parishioners. Come and sample special homemade ethnic dishes. Come see costumed dancers. Come tell your ancestor’s story of coming to America.

Bring your own special cultural dish.