OK, here we go.

It’s been a month now since we’ve begun work on the church roof around the towers. We’re being told the wood decay is extensive under the slate tiles and much carpentry work is required on the 114 year-old substructure.

What you are seeing is Phase 1 of an eventual total repair and replacement of the church roof. Phase 2 will happen at this time next year. The stained glass windows will also be re-enforced and tightened at this time.


You may also have noticed that the paving around Murphy Hall and the parking lot condition in the north field and along Ridge Rd. is a mess. We’re going to expand and pave the north parking lot and re-surface the stone and gravel areas around the church.


Surprise!! Three generous parishioners have given us contributions of $171,000. These gifts have given us the courage to bring the 2 renovation projects to completion by asking you to step up to the challenge of raising the remaining …………………. $424,000.

This Sunday, you are asked to take home a pledge card (located in your pew) to consider what you and your household would be able to sacrifice so we might secure the strength and safety of our beautiful old church and its campus.

We’re calling it THIS IS MY PARISH SUNDAY! It begins next week, when, after the homily, you will be invited to bring your envelope forward for an industrial strength Penny Sunday Collection for Holy Trinity!

You will have 2 YEARS to fulfil your contributions. Those who leave a card next Sunday will be remind-ed by the Parish Office on a quarterly basis as to the balance remaining on the pledge.

Please be ready to give your initial response next Sunday. Or, you may also go online to our website at to sign your……………… THIS IS MY PARISH! Contribution.

I trust you know we would not be asking this of you, were it not absolutely necessary for the long life of Holy Trinity church. The building is 114 years old. Time to give her a new hat!

Let’s get this done. All of us together.

Fr. Tim