This Giving Thing Never Stops

So, last week we heard John Bovenzi reporting that Holy Trinity is in relatively good shape financially. What you contributed in the Sunday collection paid for all of our bills (heat & light, insurance, maintenance, salaries, Catholic Schools assessment, religious education, etc.). We had a little left over, because we weren’t up to full staffing, but now we are.

In short, we’re paying our way. No big deal. You do it at home every week.

But, now we’re starting all over again. The new fiscal year began July 1. And, as always happens, our yearly responsibilities repeat themselves. You heard the report about the Catholic Ministry Appeal for 2014-15 this weekend. Bishop Matano and the Diocese of Rochester is asking Holy Trinity to support the charitable work of the Catholic Church to the tune of $125,000.

(This number comes from a diocesan formula that considers: 1. The number of registered families in the parish: 2. Average mass attendance: 3. Average Sunday collection: 4. Average yearly household income in this region.)

But, those are just numbers. The Catholic Ministry Appeal is about people, people in need. We can’t solve all the needs in the diocese here at Holy Trinity. But, together we can make a huge difference in the lives of people we may never meet. Can I show you where your contributions go?

** Seminarians study for priesthood. (yearly tuition averages over $40,000 times 16 sems! That’s $640,000 needed per year.)

** La Casa, safe housing for migrant workers in Wayne/Ontario Counties

** Food and clothing shelters throughout the 12 counties of our diocese Pro-life ministries helping expectant mothers find alternatives to the tragic choice of abortion by providing counseling, medical assistance, baby needs and support along the journey.

** CYO (coaches and “CASE” training to insure safety for minors.)

** Maintaining professional staffing at the Pastoral Office to help parishes with expertise in building maintenance, religious education programs, youth and campus ministry.

** Provides help to college campus ministries to insure a Catholic presence for young students far from their home parishes.
And much much more!!

So, what do we want from you? Well, let’s do the math. Rounding it off to large numbers, if 2,000 registered households at Holy Trinity each gave $63, we would make our goal. But, that’s not going to happen for lots of reasons.

So, what are we asking from YOU? Maybe a conversation with your spouse or children, something like, “what shall we give to help the spiritual and physical needs in our diocese?”

But, then what? How much, Fr. Tim?!! Each of us must decide. I have to give more for two reasons: 1. I know better than all of you the good the CMA does – so, I have to help. 2. I get free room and board at Holy Trinity (thanks to you!), so I’ve got some money to give to those who don’t have free room and board.

How about you give what one month’s cable TV costs you? In the end I know you will do what you are able. God has blessed us with so much. As always, (this giving thing never ends!). We need to give back in proportion to what each has received.

This is such a generous parish. I have no worry that we will do our duty.

Bless you each day.

Fr. Tim