This Parish.

Every once in a while things come together just right. Last Sunday was one of those days. It was a culmination of months of planning and a beginning of a new “work” in the parish.

Back in August the Pastoral Council met to determine what the focus of our parish pastoral effort should be for the year. After two days of brainstorm- ing and prayer, your Council decided that a strong “Youth Ministry” would be our goal.

Next, we turned to YOU to help our Jr. and Sr. High teens experience a joyful, and meaningful Catholic identity. Parishioners Helen Sleeman and Judy Cass stepped forward to be our new youth minister and catechetical coordinator for grades 6-10. They are both great additions to this necessary ministry.

Along the way we discovered that strong Catholic youth come from strong Catholic families. Mary Haas, our Faith Formation Coordinator, invited Mr. Mike Theisen to speak to parents about their irreplaceable role in helping their children grow in their faith. Last Sunday it all came together.

Here’s what happened. Twenty-two people brought pans of lasagna, chili, and pasta dishes. Forty-three families attended the event. Parish Council members (remember, they started this!) helped serve the 125 people at table. Senior High students and staff ran a fun afternoon of games and activities for 55 children in Murphy Hall.

Meanwhile, upstairs 70 parents were gathered to hear the message that “the home and the parents are the single most important elements for children growing in the faith.” It was a wonderful afternoon.

On a personal note, I must tell you how moved I was to see parent’s reactions when they heard how much their children want to know the story of their mom and dad. (How they met, their wedding, etc.)

The research question asked surveyed children, “What do you wish would be better in your family?” Those children responded, “I wish I could be closer to my mom and dad.” There were smiles . . . and some tears for parents.

So what’s the point of this article? It’s to tell you WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER.

Holy Trinity Parish is not Fr. Tim or Fr. John driving the bus and you all looking out the windows. It is the PEOPLE OF FAITH called Holy Trinity, that has decided parents need some help in raising children of faith.

We are not alone on this journey. This parish exists to teach, to worship, to serve human needs, and to celebrate life as it has been given to us by God. We can’t do this by ourselves. We need the gifts, the talents and the sweat of all of us working together. (Read the words of “Our Mission” just below.)

Some days it just works. When it does, it’s pretty wonderful. Let’s thank God. When it doesn’t …… let’s blame it on… Fr. John!

Easter joy to you.

Fr. Tim