Time to Learn Something.

What would you do if in choosing a new physician you heard he stopped his schooling in the ninth grade? Or how about calling a lawyer whose education finished in junior high school? No way!! You would say.

Then why are we satisfied with our religious education that stopped before we went to our junior prom?

“Oh they drilled us full of religion.” We say, “I know all I need to know. There’s Jesus, Mary, the sacraments, the Our Father and the pope. What else do I need to know?”

Let’s be honest. Don’t you feel dumb sometimes when friends are going on about “you Catholics” and all we can do is look down at our shoes? You see, Catholics tend to be ignorant. Not stupid, just ignorant.

Don’t you wish there was an opportunity to hear about the Catholic Faith as an inquiring adult? A time you could ask all the questions your friends put to you and you could never answer? Tired of having no clue about your faith?

We’d like to help all us smart, ignorant Catholics!

You’ll find a flyer in this week’s bulletin announcing a four part discussion series on the “Source and Summit” of our faith . . . the Eucharist.

We’re going to travel in these talks from the Lord’s Supper in the Upper Room to mass at Holy Trinity 2018.

How did it develop? What does it mean? Why do we believe THIS IS JESUS? How can it be? Bring your questions (“There are no dumb questions”, said my high school biology teacher – – – “except yours Horan.”)

And it’s going to be fun! We have gathered three, really smart, fun, interesting presenters to guide our journey. They are all priests with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. They bring expertise, prayer, and a clear, entertaining way of describing the great mystery that is the Holy Eucharist.

If there is one time in the year to do “a little more” for your faith . . . this is it. I hope you and your family (babysitting for the little ones), set aside these four Sunday afternoons (2 – 3 pm…not long at all.) to in- crease your Jr. High Religious Education!!

I mean it’s winter. Football will be over. What else are you going to do on a Sunday afternoon? Now check that flyer out!

God bless you in this New Year.

Fr. Tim