Well now.

That was some picnic last Sunday! We had prayed all week for fair weather, and we were blessed with a perfect afternoon. Thank you, Lord.

There was no official headcount, but judging the number of hots and hamburgers served up, there were close to 600 parishioners and guests who joined in the festivities.

Remember the old McDonalds sign that told us “Over 2 billion served”? We here at HT ate 540 hot dogs and 480 hamburgers along with untold baked beans, corn, coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salads, and some stuff in a foamy white sauce that seemed to hide fruit slices. Yum!

The Bouncy House was running all afternoon with only two or three tearful moments, bracelets were strung, kick ball and volley ball happened, the photo booth captured the goofiness, sun spots were sighted on Jackson’s telescope, a treasure hunt in sawdust, and of course the fire and police vehicles to visit kept the young ones busy.

But most of all, it was you . . . the people of Holy Trinity, who made the afternoon such a joy. Para-phrasing Julius Caesar, “You came, you ate, you sat to visit”! Such fun seeing you all.

And who do we thank for such a grand afternoon? Again, the people of Holy Trinity. There were over 100 volunteers who stepped forward to lend a hand from purchasing, setting up tables, flower pieces, running games, parking, grilling, cleanup, etc. Thank you all.

But special thanks needs to go to some people who worked extra hard to make it all happen. (They don’t need or want their names mentioned, but . . . I do!)

They are:
Eileen McAliney (AKA the Boss), Dick and Nora Doser, Walt Kowalski, Don and Joan Warren, and Helen Sleeman. Also . . . we have many benefactors who helped us in a wonderful way; special thanks goes to Hegedorns, the Knights of Columbus, Calvary Baptist Church, Union Hill Fire Company, and Cold Stone Creamery.

So here we go. Summer is winding down, days getting shorter, and so much work to be done this coming year. We wanted you to have a moment where we said thanks for being with us.

Now let’s get to work!
Blessings to all,

Fr. Tim

Please Welcome Our New Pastoral Associate
Anthony Klosterman!


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Oh, For the Love of Webster

Loren and Mark, International Guitar Duo and Jon Seiger & the All Star 5 piece – Big Band Sound Proceeds from the concert with benefit a number of local organizations, including the HOPE Ministry.

DATE:Saturday, October 4, 2pm and 7pm
Visit www.loveofwebster.com for full details.
Tickets can also be purchased online.